General Tips

Lightweight, lightweight, lightweight. Every gram counts. Every item should be weighed before it is packed. An overnight pack should not weigh any more than 11- 13 kgs including a litre of water. A lighter pack makes for much more enjoyable walking!

Shop around and get the lightest gear available. There is a lot of good lightweight gear available today. And carefully look at all the accessories that are taken - how much do they weigh and do you need them? Pack the food in the exact amounts that will be eaten, the only food left over at the end of a trip should be the spare supply. Pack toiletries in the exact amount anticipated, for example, you do not need a whole tube of toothpaste.

  • Never ever store a sleeping bag in its stuffsack. Store it so as the loft is fully expanded.
  • An inner sleeping sheet will help prevent the sleeping bag from being contaminated by body oils and minimise the need for washing. Silk is light and feels good.
  • Never store a mattress in its bag. These also need to be stored loosely with the valve open.
  • Store lighters/matches in a plastic "zip bag". Wet ones don't work.
  • Plastic "zip bags" are a great lightweight way of storing food and other small items and are lighter and more compact than plastic containers.
  • Billy lids can be used as a bowl - saves bringing a bowl or plate.
  • Keep boots clean and waterproof regularly with the recommended product.
  • Dry tents out thoroughly before storing away. In this climate, especially in the summer, everything mildews very easily. The best advice we can offer is to never store your tent in it's stuff sack - It is best stored hanging loosly in a wardrobe, this will keep it away from sunlight and moisture.
  • 2 pairs of socks? It is an old bushwalking tale that a thin pair of socks worn close to the skin will help to prevent blisters.
  • "Crocs" make great, lightweight camp shoes and socks can be worn with these on cold nights.
  • Cotton is out. Synthetics are in. The modern synthetics used for bushwalking are "breathable", will wick moisture away, are light and dry quickly.