Footwear is a personal choice, and long term walkers will often give varying advice, which makes this all very confusing.

But things to consider are:

  • Must have a good sturdy non-slip sole. There should be ample tread.
  • Ankle support is recommended, but a lot of long term walkers prefer to walk in shoes rather than boots. Another option is to use "low cut" boots.
  • Leather has been popular in the past, but is heavy. "Gore-tex" combined with suede or nubuck/leather is widely used today and makes for lighter boots.
  • It is very important that there is plenty of toe room. There should be room for one finger to fit between the heel and back of the boot when the foot is forward in the boot.
  • The heel needs to fit snugly and not slip when walking.
  • And stating the obvious, they need to be comfortable! They need to be worn a few times before embarking on any walk, to sort out any unforeseen problems that may develop.
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