Townsville Bushwalking Club

July 2020 Newsletter

Next Walks and other info

12th July SUNDAY – Intro walk – Killymoon Creek ½ day (fully subscribed)

18th July SATURDAY – Dalrymple Gap track 16 km. Full day. Info below

18th July SATURDAY – Terraces – club event to take Meet-Up there. Go up to the Terraces and Ultima (twin) Falls. Members, contact Wilfred direct.

19th July SUNDAY –Mt Storth. Full day. Info below.

26th July SUNDAY – Full Day. To be announced, have to confirm property access.

We may have other activities on days/weekends that are not scheduled, so keep an eye out for info. May not necessarily be pure bushwalking, may also look at kayaking. Ideas are brewing !

COVID-19 - please do not attend if you are unwell or have symptoms. Social distancing and self-managed hygiene practices are strongly encouraged, and the club will not be organising car pooling opportunities at present. The club is cognizant of the ‘QORF COVID SAFE PLAN for Outdoor Recreation Activity Providers’. On some activities, walker numbers may be limited to promote the safety and enjoyment of all, location size, or to reduce our environmental impact at some locations. 

Monthly Monday meetings – still postponed.

Walk calendar – has been updated on the website. Note we have moved the proposed Cape Cleveland lighthouse multi-day walk forward one week due to popular demand (still needs to be confirmed with Ray though).

Please note: all events will be published on Facebook but to respect and protect the privacy of club officials, walk leaders, property owners or sensitive areas, contact details and some locations won’t be published on FB or website. Please contact the club via email and we will respond ASAP. 

Social media – keep an eye on emails, Facebook and the website for activity info and updates. We have an Instagram page as well now, we will see what we do with it. The website has had a minor content update, including even two ‘adventures’ under Stories. Newsletter will be posted as well.

Club Birthday

As most of you know, the club is 60 yrs old this year (May 1960). In that time, the club has pioneered all the great bushwalking in the Townsville region. Chatting to old timers there are great tales of past adventures and places explored. We had planned a birthday celebration, but due to COVID-19 that is on hold. But we did take birthday cake to Hermit Falls in May to celebrate on that great waterfall bushwalk.

What has been happening

Over the long weekend, members went far and wide – including Girringun NP, Raspberry Falls (awesome view), Cardwell State Forest, Wooroonooran NP inc Windin Falls (epic view), Pelorus Is, and the Mt Garnet region. One energetic bunch even climbed Mt Tyson, Bartle Frere and The Pyramid.

Raspberry Falls – for those who have not been to Raspberry Falls, link to video here. We are considering another trip up there.

To Become A Club Member

After completing three walks as a ‘day temporary member’ (visitor), you can apply to be a full member. It is mandatory under our Bushwalking Australia Insurance policy that walkers become full members after three walks. Membership is $40 per year, membership year starts 1st July.


18th July SATURDAY – Dalrymple Gap track 16 km. Full day.

RATED – EASY . National Park track walk with creek crossings and a hill.

A great time of year to walk the Dalrymple Gap track. Creek is still flowing and temps are not too hot. This walk will be an out and back walk from the southern access point to the old bridge return.

Detailed walk description and history is on the QLD Govt Parks and Forests website. An historic route, it is a nice rainforest track 8 km walk from southern end following the creek, then up a hill to the historic old stone bridge at top of range. Several creek crossings, if water above rocks will have to wade (last Saturday the rocks were under water at first crossing). At the bridge, we turn around and return by same route. Opportunity for a swim at a pool.

To comfortably complete and enjoy this walk you should be able to complete Castle Hill and be confident with the distance.

0830 Meet at walk start Southern Access point (Ingham end, near Broadwater). The last five kilometres of road is unsealed, but can be accessed using a conventional vehicle. Driving directions at this link (allow 2 hrs drive) :

If you wish to follow Keith from Ingham, meet at McDonalds Ingham at 0745.

Should be back at cars by 1600. Then 2 hr drive home.


Bring snacks / food for the day.

Water – carry drinking water for 1 day walking – at a minimum 2 lt water and refill from creek as required (treat the water).

Clothing – recommend long sleeve clothing. Small day pack. Hat, sunscreen. Footwear – enclosed footwear suitable for rock hopping / bushwalking. Swimming costume or similar for the pool swim. Hiking pole may be handy for creek crossings.

COST: Non-members $5 walk fee.

Must be 18yrs or over to participate.


19th July SUNDAY – Mt Storth- Full day.

RATED – HARD – approx 9 hrs bushwalking. Long steep hill climb, no track, long grass, uneven footings, scrub. Way home probably via a creek rock hop. Sounds nice doesn’t it J

Mt Storth is the northern summit of the Mt Elliot range of Bowling Green Bay National Park (north of Alligator Creek). It is 632 mr altitude. A steep climb up a long spur, and no track. Whilst scrubby at the lower reaches, the vegetation changes as we climb the mountain to the summit. Lunch at the summit. The route home, depends on what time we get to the summit. All going well, we will come down Killymoon Creek, a good rock hop, boulder scramble and nice cascades. Otherwise we may choose Dribble Creek, another rock hop boulder scramble but shorter.

This walk starts and traverses though private property, then into national park.

To be suitable for this adventure, a good analogy would be doing a Castle Hill spur three times ‘no track’ with ease before lunchtime.


Water - You need water for full day, recommend minimum 4 lt.

Clothing and gear - there is a lot of long grass and scrub, full long sleeve clothing is recommended. Many members also wear fingerless gloves. Enclosed footwear, hat and usual day bushwalk gear and food. If we do come down Killymoon, there may be an opportunity for swim at the main pool.

COST : Non-members $5 walk fee.

Must be 18yrs or over to participate.

Walk leader - Wilfred

Meet 0700 at Wilfred / Suzanne’s place at Alligator Creek – Walk start 0715.

Aiming to be back at cars by 1700-1800 (but don’t plan a dinner date).

To discuss suitability, Registration or more info, contact – Keith or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or contact Wilfred.